The Smoothie Plunge

Well, I finally did it. I jumped onto the liquid meal bandwagon two weeks ago. Not as a weightloss scheme, but rather as a way to see how my body felt expending less energy digesting my food. There has been loads of research and media gab regarding the health benefits of smoothies. My goal was to make it to Feb 1st with drinking smoothies for breakfast and lunch and if I had to have snacks inbetween, it would be the sort like apples and peanutbutter or fresh veggies. Mind you, these smoothies were around 500 calories a pop so I was nowhere near starving myself. I don’t know any anyone else but I love to eat fresh fruit…its when they’ve been mascerated into frothy bits in my nutra bullet and then separated from the juice/yogurt like a fruity noncarbonated rootbeer float that my gag reflex kicks in and it takes hours to drink it down. So i compromised and went the high cal protein route: peanutbutter/cocoa mocha smoothies. Amazing. Filling and tasty they keep well in the fridge when made the night before (for easy grab and go on work mornings). The hubs made a comment that i should be doing veggie slurry concoctions like he favors, so I tweaked the existing recipe with delicious results. Get ready for it… I added fresh spinach! It accentuated the already creamy mocha choca goodness and it adds bonus green goodness to my meals. Here is the recipe I used :

I omitted the banana most days due to the highly permeating flavor or opted to only use a third to half of one. I also added a cup of coffee to the mix, and dropped the peanutbutter amt to 2 generous tbs. Then I added a heaping handful of fresh green spinach leaves. Awesomeness in a mug!